Welcome to my new tutorial series on ProTools! To get started, we’ll look at setting up a new project and understanding what Sample Rate and Bit Depth are.
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I use ProTools a lot. I use it to produce podcasts, edit and mix sound for animation, and edit and SFX for games. I also have a degree in Sound Design for Cinema and learned most of what I know using tutorial. This tutorial is unofficial, and based on my personal experience in the software. My views and suggestions are my own.
This series is not about music production. You can absolutely use this content to create music, but that’s not the focus or intention here.
Most of the series will use ProTools First since it’s easier for me to access on the machine I record tutorials on and because it’s free for you to try it out for yourself. I will highlight where there are differences between the programs, but they are limited for the scope of this series and will not effect your ability to work in either.