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Three point edits, move, re-size and rotate video for a 2-up split screen, and compound clips. Final Cut Pro 10.3 Tutorial Series, Part 12. This is a complete A to Z tutorial for Final Cut Pro X. In todays video I’ll introduce a new edit you can use in FCPX, the three point edit. In the timeline based three point edit, you select the in and out points in your timeline, the first two points, to set the time duration of the clip you’re editing in. Then you select the in or out point, the third point, in your browser clips. FCP then ripple trims your browser clip to the duration defined in the first two points and edits it into your timeline. I’ll then show you how to use the transform tool to move, crop and resize your video. I’ll use the video animator menu to make a clip disappear. Then we’ll take a number of clips and combine them into a compound clip to clean up the timeline. Check out the rest of my videos in this series. If you haven’t seen them yet, part one was about importing media. Part two is all about tagging and organizing media. Part three was making a rough cut, and part four was adding B-roll. In part five, background music and sound effects were added. Part six is about exporting video to your mac and sharing on YouTube. Part seven, is about going back and improving your video based on feedback you received. Part eight is about auditioning clips to see which look best in the same spot. Part nine is about changing speed of your clips to manipulate time, and part ten is about video effects, and adding an artistic look to your video. Part eleven is about video transitions. Make sure you go back and watch them. New videos coming every week, so please subscribe so you don’t miss them. If you enjoy this video please like below and feel free to leave any questions in comments. I’ll do my best to answer them. Thanks for watching!
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FCP 10.3 Tutorial Playlist –
Part One – Importing Media –

Part Two – Organizing Media –

Part Three – The Rough Cut –

Part Four – Above the Storyline –

Part Five – Audio & Sound Effects –

Part Six – Exporting & Sharing to YouTube –

Part Seven – The Second Pass –

Part Eight – Clip Auditions –

Part Nine – Speed Effects –

Part Ten – Video Effects –

Part Eleven – Video Transitions –

Part Twelve – Three Point Edits & Compound Clips –

Part Thirteen – Video Titles –

Part Fourteen – Audio Effects and Keyframes –

Part Fifteen – Finishing the Audio Mix –

Part Sixteen – Sharing and Archiving Projects –

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