I have noticed a lot of people asking how to instance scenes, and how to use global/singletons in order to access variables. In this video I will be instancing a scene and demonstrating how you can create singletons (Globals) to load scenes without having to load the same scenes over and over again from different scripts.
00:49 – Creating our Main scene
00:59 – Creating our main.gd Script
01:08 – Easiest way to get our scene reference
01:30 – Creating our scene that we will use for instancing
02:09 – Never scale collision!
02:47 – Loading our Scene from the Editor
03:02 – Writing the instance code
04:00 – Loading scene reference from code
04:41 – Creating a global / singleton script
05:45 – Accessing a global script
Project Files ► https://mega.nz/#!0J13TI4T!99CguuXgnXjVu2-Bynp78jAccPqw_IKF1TdFfPAJ1yY
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