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Python 3 Tutorial: Print Function and Strings

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The print function in Python is a function that outputs to your console window whatever you say you want to print out. At first blush, it might appear that the print function is rather useless for programming, but it is actually one of the most widely used functions in all of python. The reason for this is that it makes for a great debugging tool. If something isn’t acting right, you can use the print function to print out what is happening in the program. Many times, you expect a certain variable to be one thing, but you cannot see what the program sees. If you print out the variable, you might see that what you thought was, was not.

Next up, strings, what are they? Strings are just “strings” of text, hence the name. Strings are a type of data. Another type of data is integers.

Python 3 Programming tutorial Playlist:

Sample code for this basics series:

Welcome to another Python 3.3 tutorial video, this video covers the basic print function in python 3 as well as basic string rules and usage.