This is a Microsoft Word 2016 Basic Tutorial for beginners. In this basic course Word video tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Smart Lookup feature for research and the Thesaurus, translate languages, use the Accessibility Checker of your document to determine with those who have disabilities if they’re able to more readily comprehend, use Readability Statistics to see if the language your using in your document fits your target audience in comprehension of the words used, how to create a Custom Dictionary to have your own correct spelling of words, how to do a Word Count including space with and without characters, lines, pages and paragraphs, how to use the AutoCorrect feature and add or removed automatically correct or not corrected words to its database, Version Control and automatic saving of your document in conjunction with the AutoRecover feature, how to sort paragraphs, bullets and lists, converting lists to an Outline format which is a list in a hierarchical structure that has main points and subpoints and how to select and sort text within Tables.
1. Smart Look up and Thesaurus
2. Translate Languages
3. Accessibility Checker
4. Readability Statistics
5. Custom Dictionary
6. Word Count
7. AutoCorrect
8. Version Control and AutoRecover
9. Sort Paragraphs, Bullets and Lists
10. Outline, Hierarchical List Formats
11. Select and Sorting Table Data
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