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How to Warp Text into a Shape In Photoshop

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Get the latest version of Adobe Photoshop CC here:

In this Photoshop Tutorial, I will be using Photoshop Cs6 to show you how to warp and transform words and text into a shape or object. By request, I will be morphing the text layer into the shape of lips.

Steps involved:

1. Place guide image or shape onto background and lower opacity to act as a placement guide.

2. Create your text layers, keeping in mind that the more piece out your phrase, the more of a custom result you can achieve.

3. Rasterize, or convert the text into a shape layer so you can warp it.

4. Warp the text using Edit – Transform – Warp, and pull at the grid to align it to your background guide image.

5. Repeat for all letters and words keeping perspective and placement in mind!


Download the latest version of Adobe CC: