Watch how you can add a new users to your wordpress website.
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By adding new user, you can let another person to contribute on your site and you can restrict their access based upon their role you select in wordpress.
In this tutorial, we are going to see:
How you can add a new user & select their role in wordpress.
How the new user can login to your website.
The different roles available in wordpress.
How you can use those roles to restrict the access of a user.
Steps you need to follow for adding new user (with time):
Step 1 : Go to wordpress dashboard and go to users….. and click ‘Add New’ (00:48)
Step 2: Enter login details for new users (such as the the user name , email and name of the new user) (00:58)
Step 3: Setting up password for new user (01:16)
(NOTE : Note down the username and password in notepad)
Step 4 :Setting up role for the new user (1:35)
( This time you can set new user role as administrator)
Step 5: Click ‘Add new user’ (02:07)
Now new user has been added to your website.
After adding new user, let’s see ‘How a new user can login to your website’
Once you share those login details with the new user, he can login with your website as a new user by following the steps:
Step 1 : A new user should visit ‘your website/login’ (02:53)
( He will reach the login page)
Step 2 : Enter user name and password for a new user (3:15)
After login with username and password,he will reach directly into your wordpress dashboard.
So this is how a new user can login to your website by using the login details.
Now lets see, How you can change the role of the new user & restrict their access .
Since we selected the new user role as administrator, he will have full access to control the entire site.
By changing the role of the new user, you can restrict the access of the new user in wordpress.
Steps you need to follow for changing the role for new user :
Step 1: Go back to wordpress dashboard and go to the user and click edit under new user which you have added before .(4:16)
Step 2: Go to ‘role’ and change their role. (04:41)
Here you can have 3 useful roles for new users other than administrator.
They are:
1. Editor (05:16)
2. Author (06:25)
3. Contributor (07:59)
Now when you select the user’s role as editor,
The user will be able to access all of your posts and pages in your website..But they won’t have access to other settings, such as your themes & plugins.
Now, the author role will allow the new user to, create their own posts, and then edit those posts.
But they don’t have access to edit posts, which are created by other users.
Now when you select the user’s role as contributor,
The user can write a new posts.But, it has to be approved by admin, before user don’t have the access to publish it.