Hand Lettering with a Tablet Tutorial – Adobe Illustrator
Hey guys! In this video I will show you how to create vector hand lettering in Adobe illustrator without using the pen tool. All you need is a tablet that recognizes pen pressure.
We will start by making a brush that allows us to use pressure. You do this by selecting new brush in the brushes panel – Selecting Calligraphic Brush – Ok.
Next change the size drop down from Fixed to Pressure. Then change the variation, this is what determines the difference between how thin and thick your lines can be. Later in the tutorial I turn this all the way up, so its personal preference.
In the tutorial I explain that when you use the paint tool you may notice the line curves after you release the stroke. This is because of brush Fidelity. To change this setting double click on the brush tool from your tool bar. This opens Paintbrush Tool Options. Make sure the first slider is in the middle position for the tutorial.
Next we start to use our brush and write out our word. Down strokes thick, up strokes thin. Just like you would do if you were using a brush pen on paper.
After you are done writing and you are happy with all your lines select everything with the selection tool (press V), Select Object – Expand Appearances. Then Open the pathfinder by selecting Window – Pathfinder. Under Shape Modes – select Unite. Thats it your done