A comprehensive tutorial on Excel 2016 covering most essential features for business professionals, students or anyone that wants to learn how to use Excel. This is part 2 of 2 of the Excel 2016 tutorial. The concepts covered here apply also to previous versions of Excel such as Excel 2013, 2010 and 2007. For more info. visit http://learn.kaceli.com.
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The Quick Guide for Excel 2016 along with the data files to follow along are available from here: http://kaceli.com/a/excel-2016-data-file/
Here is what is covered along with the times. The times might be a bit off. If someone is willing to update them, I can post them here.
00:05 Learn how to use Named References and Cross-sheet calculations in Excel 2016
1:02:29 Learn how to Calculate Percentages in Excel 2013 three types of calculations
10:23 Learn how to use Financial Functions such as PMT, IPMT, PPMT in Excel 2016
22:21 Learn how to use the IF statement and logical functions in Excel 2016
28:29 Learn how to use One Click Forecasting in Excel 2016
30:03 Learn how to use the new and modern charts in Excel 2016
31:43 Learn how to use Pivot Tables in Excel 2016
38:06 Learn how to use Data Gathering in Excel 2016
40:14 Learn how to use the new Financial Charts in Excel 2016
39:45 Learn how to use the 3D Maps and Data Visualization Exel 2016
43:41 Learn how to use the Freeze Panes in Excel 2016
45:11 Learn how to Set the Print Area in Excel 2016
47:33 Learn how to Encrypt and put a Password in a Spreadsheet in Excel 2016
48:14 Learn how to use data validation in Excel 2016
51:56 Learn how to link Excel Data to a Word Report
56:29 Learn how to import and export data in Excel 2016
58:47 Learn how to export an Excel file to PDF in Excel 2016
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