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If you want get started as a front-end web developer, you will LOVE this complete JavaScript tutorial! JavaScript powers the majority of websites/webapps, so it is an essential language to know for any aspiring web developer.

Time Stamps
01:05 Introduction to JavaScript
05:28 Alerts and console logging
11:12 Integers, strings, and variables
18:02 Undefined variables and modifying variable values
23:30 Boolean operators
26:18 Comparing values
31:29 If statements
42:22 For loops
45:42 Defining functions
51:46 Event handling
01:00:52 Setting an elements inner HTML
01:03:42 Arrays pt.1
01:09:39 Arrays pt.2
01:16:35 Arrays pt.3
01:21:59 Textareas and getting the values of inputs
01:35:43 Functions – parameters and return values
01:43:17 Multiple function parameters
01:48:19 Flexible function parameters
02:00:16 Find the missing number exercise
02:08:08 Exercise solution
02:15:42 Classes intro
02:20:38 Class constructor, instance variables, and static variables
02:29:46 Extending classes