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00:16 = Overview
01:06 = Creating a MIDI Track & Clip
01:51 = MIDI Editor
03:11 = Creating MIDI Notes
05:24 = Editing MIDI Note Position & Length
07:31 = Editing MIDI Note Velocity
10:50 = Clip Box
11:41 = Notes Box
15:52 = Envelopes Box
18:02 = Recording MIDI
Mastering one or two synths and becoming a student of sound design is extremely important, but a less talked about craft inside of Ableton Live or any DAW, is the use of MIDI.
The moment you hear a never before heard set of air vibrations come rumbling out of a synth like Serum can also be the same moment your creativity decides to kick in. And if you can’t quickly translate those musical ideas into tiny red blocks of MIDI, your creative juices might come to a screeching halt.
So the more you master MIDI and all the wonderful ways you can use it, the faster you’ll be able to spill your brain onto this extremely gray canvas called Ableton Live.
In this video, I show you all the different ways in which you can use MIDI in Ableton. I show you how to create a MIDI track, create a MIDI clip, draw MIDI, edit MIDI length, edit MIDI position, edit MIDI velocity and so much more. By the end of the video, you might as well be a MIDI ninja inside of Ableton. And a lot of this logic applies to other DAWs as well.
And as always READ THE F**KING MANUAL!