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00:18 = Overview
01:15 = Resonance
09:19 = Tuning
11:04 = Sidechain
14:43 = LFO
17:40 = Filter
Corpus is an effect that simulates the acoustic characteristics of seven types of resonant objects. What does this actually mean?
Well, Corpus is a resonator. What’s a resonator? A resonator is a device that is designed to oscillate at specific resonant frequencies. In our case, Corpus offers a few different types of resonant frequencies that successfully simulates what it would sound like if our incoming audio signal were to strike real life objects made up of real life materials.
So why is Corpus useful? Well, it’s particularity useful at adding interesting unrelated harmonics to percussive sounds to achieve a slightly different timbre. I would also consider Corpus or any resonator to be reverb’s little brother as it can add a bit of extra decay to your sound if you desire.
In this Ableton Live 9 tutorial, I’ll walk you through every single parameter that Corpus has to offer. I’ll show you each of the seven resonant objects and how you can slightly alter their resonant frequencies. I’ll also show you how to use Corpus’ sidechain feature and how you can take advantage of an external MIDI source. And lastly, I’ll show you how to use Corpus’ LFO and bandpass filter.
And as always, Read The F***ing Manual!