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This tutorial will teach you how to create a 2D tower defense games in Unity. When you have completed the tutorial, you will have a finished game with a “Beginning and an End”. Below are some of the things, that we will be implementing in the game.
What will you learn?
General Object oriented C# programming
Lambda expressions
ICompareable interface
Operator overloading
Abstract classes
Abstract methods
Constructor overloading
Instantiating objects
Virtual methods
Overloading methods
Design patterns
Object pool
A* algorithm for pathfinding
Game mechanics
Generating a tile map based on a text document
Creating a loading screen with a loading bar
Using the A* algorithm to find a path from start to goal
Creating debuffs
Adding a health bar to the mobs
Creating towers with different stats
Upgrading towers
Showing tooltips ingame
Setting win and lose conditions
Restarting the game
Camera movement inside level bounds
Buying and selling towers
Spawning waves of monsters
Animating the towers and mobs based on their current actions
Adding main menu, ingame menu and an options menu
Adding SFX -and background sounds.
Adjusing the sound levels from the menu