3Ds Max Tutorial For Beginners
In this 3ds max tutorial we are going to see how to See how the Lattice modifier works
Your job is to watch this 3d tutorial carefully and to listen to what we have to say to get the best out of the techniques and the tricks we used in this video.
We explain everything slowly using additional images and annotations especially when it comes to the short cuts we show in
detail the hot keys we use.
This 3ds max tutorials for beginners series is meant to give you the basic
and overall understanding of the art of 3d.
We inspirationTuts are making a lot of tuts to sharpen your creativity and to inspire you to unleash the artist within.
We are absolutely not interested in giving you a trick or two here and there that can solve a small problem you have !!
because we want you to learn 3ds max in a way that unlocks your possibilities of becoming a professional 3d artist.
after you finish this tutorial you’re gonna have a solid understanding of the basic modeling tools of 3ds max .