This video is a crash course for unit testing Scala code with a framework called ScalaTest. Unit testing is a concept for automatically validating programmers assumptions at a press of a button which is an invaluable tool in a professional software developers toolbox. In addition to learning the basics of writing and running unit tests with ScalaTest we will also learn how to catch certain errors at compile time with the help or Artimas SuperSafe Scala compiler plugin, generate ScalaTest HTML reports and measure how much production code is covered by the tests with the help of the sbt-scoverage SBT plugin.
The code is here:
The ScalaTest website is here:
The (deprecated) pegdown library is here:
The Scalactic website is here:
The Supersafe Scala compiler plugin is here:
The sbt-scoverage SBT plugin is here:
The µTest website is here:
The specs2 website is here:
The ScalaCheck website is here:
The (unofficial) documentation for credit card generation & validation is here:
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