In this video I’m going to introduce my C# and Unity course.
You can watch the released videos and read more about the course here:
This course will teach you everything you need to know to take your game ideas and bring them to life in the Unity GameEngine.
You will also be able to take the knowledge you acquire here and use it to develop other types of applications.
Before we dive into Unity and start developing games, we will have to learn C#. We will do this by developing a few text based games to learn the basics, and end it with a Windowsform game with animated sprites to get a better understanding of the structure Unity uses.
If you already have a good knowledge about C# and just want to learn Unity, then you are welcome to skip a head to the Unity part. If you skip ahead then please keep in mind, that I expect you to understand the theory and technical terms that are explained in the C# part of the course, these will not be explained again.
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